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The M2T half-rack transmitter houses two stereo transmitters to provide two stereo audio channels, and for up to four mono audio channels in a single rack. transmitter (plural transmitters). One who or that which transmits something (in all senses). An electronic device that generates and amplifies a carrier. Scientific definitions for transmitter A device that converts sound, light, or electrical signals into radio, microwave, or other electrical signals of.

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Discover Sony DWX Digital Series Transmitters. Superb quality that is ideal for live performances & broadcast TV. Find out more. In radio transmission, electromagnetic power from a radio transmitter is coupled by the transmitter antenna into air or free space. In radio reception. Pressure Transmitter. Trafag pressure transmitters are used for electronically measuring and evaluating pressure. Over the decades they have proven.

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transmitter · ​a piece of equipment used for sending electronic signals, especially radio or television signals. They discovered radio transmitters hidden in the. Transmitter designation: Radiation at Stanford Model PC · Klystron type: Litton L or L (two): · Center Frequency: MHz (adjustable from to. INOR is now launching APAQ TC, a modern transmitter for measurement with thermocouple. The new transmitter is available in two variants, APAQ CTC for.