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Other useful tools during cable installation include crimping pliers, cable splicing knives, can wrenchesfor access to telephone boxes and pedestals, voltage. Network cables are used to connect and transfer data and information between computers, routers, switches and storage area networks. The Network Installers provides reliable network installation, data cable installation, WiFi installation and fiber optic cable installation.

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Professional network cabling engineers and installers are tasked with installing and maintaining a wide range of network systems. Work can take place externally. Career Details. Skills. Students in Network Cable Installation are trained in the following subject areas: Installing data and fiber optic cabling. IP Communications, Inc. can help you update your building with our network cable installation and data cabling services in Loves Park, IL.

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If you decide to install network cabling in your home you'll be asked whether you want so-called Category 5, Category 6 or Category 6a cable. Cables used in a computer network are discussed. and fiber optic cable. Information on wireless LANs and guidelines for installing cable are also provided. We deliver reliable and affordable network cable installation services across the United States. Let our team of experts handle your next cable installation.