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First Trimester (0 to 13 Weeks) · Second Trimester (14 to 26 Weeks) · Third Trimester (27 to 40 Weeks). Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week · First Trimester · Second Trimester · Third Trimester. Find out what to expect at each stage of your pregnancy and read advice on how your body What to expect week-by-week and how your body will change.

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Pregnancy Stages – An overview from conception to birth. Introduction your body slowly changes week by week, your mind also starts to come to. After eight weeks, the embryo is referred to as a fetus. All pregnant women are tested for the Rh factor during the early weeks of pregnancy. Pregnancy is divided into 3 stages of 3 months each. Each of these stages is known as a trimester. The first trimester takes you to 12–14 weeks gestation.

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Congrats! During the first trimester, you're getting used to the idea of being pregnant, and pregnancy symptoms week by week can vary big time! Stages of pregnancy · Getting pregnant · First trimester (one to 12 weeks) · Second trimester (13 to 27 weeks) · Third trimester (28 to 40 weeks) · Related. During the 6th week of your pregnancy, the amniotic sac (the fluid filled sac that surrounds, cushions and protects the embryo) continues to develop along with.