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The SCHAEFER Pick-to-Light System is a semi-automated paperless picking system. By combining Pick-To-Light with conveying systems and material flow software. Pick-to-Light applications are ideal for high-volume directed picking, while put-to-light applications are effective for manual sortation of bulk quantities . Picking, sorting and order preparation systems to optimize warehouse management. In Pick to Light we can provide you the best solution. Ask for Quote!

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Pick-to-Light (PTL) is a light-directed order fulfillment technology that provides an accurate, simple and efficient method of paperless picking, putting. Pick-to-Light System. pick to light These are one of the most productive order fulfillment solutions for warehousing and distribution centers for individual. The Pick-to-Light system streamlines warehouse operations while minimizing errors and improving the accuracy of sales monitoring and inventory reporting. It.

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With PTV, pickers wear headsets with microphones. A software system with a synthetic voice directs the picker to the pick location and the picker communicates. Pick-to-light, also known as light-directed or light-guided picking, refers to the use of colored LED indicators to guide assemblers and operators to the. Looking to improve your pick system? The solution to efficiency and accuracy in the last mile of your picking operations while increasing productivity is.