How Does Amylase Break Down Starch Into Sugar

Mar 15,  · Put a nut on the bolt and run it up to the bolt head. Stick that in the cable end, then thread it into the battery hand tight. Then run the nut down tight to hold the cable down. Also done this on a stripped out speedo cable hold down in an old transfer case.

How To Control Android Phone From Pc Via Usb

Nov 19,  · Joined Sep 29, 2, Posts. #12 · Nov 19, p_mcnaught said: Today I went out to pull the battery, Just the lug was stripped, not the battery it self. so I just need to get a diffrent lug. advanced auto or autozone will have it. Its a 2 pack OEM battery bolts like i said i just went ahead and replaced both because they came in a 2 pack.