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To learn more about how to have a conversation with someone in Costa Rica, enroll a Spanish total immersion program with the Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA).

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Feb 17,  · Try nada (NAH-dah) when you want to say "nothing." You may already be familiar with this common, basic Spanish word. You'll use it most frequently as a response when someone thanks you. When someone says "gracias," the most common response is "de nada," which means "it's nothing." In this context, it's translated to mean "you're welcome.".

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Cost of Living in Costa Rica. If you're moving to Costa Rica, you'll want to understand the cost of living in Costa Rica. Lifestyle, location and health insurance are part of the formula. Expats talk about real estate prices, rents, international school tuition, travel expenses and the fun stuff - travel, dining out and more.