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The contact angle is the angle formed when a drop of liquid meets a solid surface. It is used to characterize the wetting properties of surfaces. The Kruss Easy Drop goniometer is used to measure the contact angle of a droplet in contact with a solid surface. The shallower the contact angle the. A contact angle gives us an indication of how well (or how poorly) a liquid will spread over a surface. While formulating an ink, contact angles provide a.

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Static contact angle measurement involves the placement of microliter sized droplets on a sample surface. The angle formed at the boundary of the droplet is. Contact angle measurement is a qualitative way to evaluate whether the surface has a hydrophobic or hydrophilic characteristic. The contact angle of a water drop on the polymer surface is an indirect measurement of the surface's ability to accept and hold a coating. Test Procedure: A.

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To explore the concepts of surface free energy, adhesion and wetting by measuring the contact angle of a series of liquids on a polytetrafluoroethylene. Contact Angle Measurement from the Tensiometric Method where γ lv is the interfacial tension between the liquid and the vapor; L is the wetted length of the. In practice, a drop of liquid is placed on a surface and the contact angle is measured. Low contact angle values, i.e. below 90°, are related to good wetting.